About Us

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Welcome to Viva Skin and Laser Clinic. We provide Soprano ICE  Laser Hair Removal which can be found in Harley Street Clinics, Dr Leah and Harrods.  We pride ourselves in achieving results and ensuring our clients are happy with their experience. 3D LipoMed & 3DShockwave are exclusive to Blackburn and is the recognised Fat Freeze ( cryolipolisis) treatment. All our therapists are fully trained and you will feel at ease knowing you will get the best service available. We take all our client feedback very seriously and adapt our services if needed. We are recognised Dermalogica Experts; rest assured our skills and expertise can build personalised treatments to meet your individuals needs for all skin types.

We would advise individuals to verify the system operated by a Clinic, prior to booking an appointment. This can be achieved through Clinic Finder on the Brand website. As we find there are a number of rogue clinics operating fake operational systems.

Viva Skin and Laser promise a price match guarantee for ALL our services, proof must be provided. ( does not include money saving websites ). We ensure our clients we will carry out all treatments to the clear outlined practices.