Fat & Cellulite Reduction – Cryolipolysis

Here at Viva Skin and Laser Clinic, we offer 3D Lipo Fat Freeze treatment to our patients. If you want to reduce your excess fat without any surgery, then 3d Lipo Fat Freeze is the right choice for you as it is completely a painless and hassle free fat reduction procedure.

What is 3D Lipo Fat Freezing:

3D-Lipo Fat Freezing is non-invasive and highly recommended nonsurgical treatment for the elimination of stubborn pockets of fat. 3d Lipo Cryolipolysis is an approach to achieving remarkable Fat & Cellulite reduction without complication and surgery. It is a clinically approved procedure that freezes fat cells away, resulting in an average removal of between 20%- 40% in treated areas. It takes very short time to treat multiple areas and gives you outstanding results.

Choose Us for Fat & Cellulite reduction:

3D Lipo Fat Freeze combines cavitation, where painless ultrasound breaks down the fat cell membrane before the destroyed cells are eliminated by the body’s waste processes, with cryolipolysis or “fat freezing”, radio frequency and fat-rollin.

It is modern and completely different from other fat reduction procedures as it doesn’t require any kind of exercise to metabolise the fat. It is a combined procedure for skin tightening, Fat & Cellulite reduction and can be done within a short period at our Viva Skin and Laser Clinic.


Cryolipolysis: Cryolipolysis is a treatment procedure that mainly eliminates the water content of the fat cell. Its principle depends on controlled cooling to a temperature of +5 to −5 °C for the non-invasive localized degradation of fat deposits to adjust body lines. The damaged fat cells begin a natural removal process that lasts for up to 3 to 4 months. It is one of the best non surgical and comfortable alternatives of liposuction.

3D-Lipo Ultrasonic Cavitations: 3D-Lipo Ultrasonic Cavitation is quick fat reduction and body contouring treatment. In this procedure, ultrasound wave energy creates vibration targets fat cells in the selected body part without harming surrounding tissues such as nerves or blood vessels. Fat cells do not have to the strength to stand against this mechanical vibration and the cell membrane will immediately break down.

Skin Tightening With Radio Frequency: The three dimensional approach of this treatment is not only reducing fat cells, its radio frequency is also able to add targeted skin tightening.


Will the 3D-lipo cavitation treatment work for me?

As the 3D-Lipo system gives several options and combinations to target and treat stubborn fat and cellulite we are able to successful treat patients who all have different aims.


When will I see results

As each treatment and client is different, and treatment courses will depend on the client and the results they wish to get but we suggest:

With Cryolipolysis you have one single treatment and results can take 2-4 months to show, but can be anything up to 6 months.

With Ultrasound Cavitation we recommend that you have 6 to 8 treatments, at weekly intervals. You will see results after each session.

With Radio Frequency we suggest that clients have 6 to 8 treatments with noticeable results after each session. You can see results after each treatment but they will not be overly noticeable at the beginning of the course.

For 3D Dermology & Radio Frequency we recommend 6 to 8 treatments with visible results showing after each session.

Check out these 3DLipo Fat Freeze Results

Fat Freeze 3DLipo

3DLipo Fta Freeze Results 3d-lipo_cavitation-2 3d-lipo_skin-tightening-300x186


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