Skin Specialists in Preston at Viva Skin & Laser Clinic

May we take this chance to welcome all new and existing patients to our Skin & Laser Clinic in Preston.

The primary aim of our dermatologist in Preston is to offer the highest standards of services to our patients, with latest technology and treatment utilizing the most recent and clinically proven equipment. Our Viva Skin & Laser Clinic offers wide variety of fat freezing, laser hair removal and other anti-aging skin care treatments.

Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal in Preston:

Viva Skin & Laser Clinic introduces Soprano ICE, an award winning and FDA Approved pain free laser hair Removal technology for long lasting and effective results.

Now these days Soprano ICE is the most recommended laser hair removal treatment for both men and women. It’s not only removes the unwanted body hair, but also stops ingrown hairs.

This multi award-winning laser hair removal procedure is suitable for all parts of the body and all skin types with “NO PAIN” and without damaging your skin. This technology uses laser wavelengths that are specially designed to trim unwanted hair faster, more comfortably, and with fewer treatment sessions than ever before.

Nonsurgical 3D-Lipo Fat and Cellulite Reduction in Preston:

Viva Skin and Laser Clinic offers 3D-Lipo Fat Freezing treatment, an affordable body fat and cellulite removal procedure.

3D-Lipo is a non-surgical fat removal treatment gives every patient several choices to target and treat stubborn fat areas and cellulite.

Those Choices are:

1. Cavitation and Cryolipolysis for loosing inches

2. Radio Frequency for skin tightening

3. 3D Dermology for cellulite reduction

3D-Lipo is the safest and revolutionary invention to reduce fat without any surgery and the most recommended alternative to traditional liposuction.