1. What is Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal?

Ans: Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal is a revolutionary painless body hair removal system.  It is the most affordable and effective laser hair removal treatment available today that offers permanent hair reduction. Award winning Soprano Ice Laser works by inhibiting hair follicles using pulses of light.

2. Why Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal is Different from Others?

Ans: Soprano ICE is an award winning technology for hair removal that incorporates multiple laser wavelengths. Other hair removal procedures are either painful or unable to provide effective and permanent results. But Soprano ICE is completely non-invasive system. It is not only destroys the hair follicles also stops ingrown hairs.

3. Is Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal Safe and Painless?

Ans: Yes, it is. Clinical studies have proven that Soprano ICE’s SHR method is the safest hair removal procedures among other hair removal procedures available today. Hair follicles are destroyed by repetitive short energy pulses, instead of a single pulse of high energy which can damage your skin. These short energy pulses produce heat build-up which deliberately boosts the heat of the dermis to the level needed to stop hair growth.

4. Is The Soprano ICE Safe for Dark Skin?

Ans: Absolutely. The SRH technology makes Soprano ICE, the safest laser hair removal procedure for every skin type, including people with dark skin tone.

5. How Much Time The Whole Procedure Will Take?

Ans: Being the most ultra modern hair removal procedures, Soprano ICE is the fastest laser hair removal solution. Treatment duration depends on the type and color of skin and hair and the area being treated. For smaller parts it will take a few seconds and for the large part, few minutes.

6. How Many Treatment Sessions It Will Take?

Ans: Generally it takes 6 to 8 sessions with a gapping about 4 to 6 weeks depending on the patient’s skin and hair type and color.

7. Which Patients are not allowed to have the treatment?

Ans: Patients who had cancer, in particular skin cancer, pregnant women, diabetic patients dependent on insulin and people who have fragile or very dry skin are not allowed take to have the treatment. If you are also on a photosensitive medication or taking blood thinner, you are suggested not to have the treatment.

8. What are Its Side Effects?

Ans: Most people experience no side effects at all, but some patients might notice redness and swelling for the first few hours after the treatment is done. But it is not a serious issue. Apply icy lotions or creams to reduce any discomfort. Avoid direct sunlight.

9. How Much Does It Cost For Different Body Parts?

Ans: Laser hair removal cost is depending on the area of skin and number of sessions included. You may be recommended four to six treatment sessions, with a gap of four to six weeks apart. Click here for the detailed price chart.

10. Where Can I Get Affordable Laser Hair Removal?

Ans: Viva Skin and Laser Clinic in Blackburn offers affordable Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal. For any query just call us:

Blackburn – 01254 790444 

Preston – 01772 367272